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Secure Data Removel

Secure Data Removel

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Louise White Order ID: 6531
 "Beats ebay hassle, thanks Dineromob."

John S Order ID:  6235

"Best way to sell laptop fast. "

Great service thank you.
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Nothing we buy is meant to last “for life” anymore – particularly electronic goods which are being updated faster and producing more waste in the UK.

At Dineromob we aim to try and reduce this waste by recycling and reusing electronic goods whilst rewarding you with cash for your unused products. Sell Playstation 3, Xbox and many more games consoles.

Every household has old mobile phones, TVs, video and DVD players taking up space and gathering dust. Instead of heading off for the tip, let us turn your old possessions into money.

Not only will you benefit, you’ll be helping the environment and potentially providing products to help the developing world. Your old computer could become a valuable asset in a third world school. You don’t even have to leave the house - we can arrange to collect your goods from your own home.

Once you get in contact with us, you’ll speak to one of our consultants who will price your particular products and help you through our simple process. Once we’ve agreed a price we’ll make sure you get your money quickly and you’ll also receive a certificate to thank you for doing your bit for the environment. If you have been asking where to sell laptop then this is your place.

If you’d like us to, we can also arrange to make a donation to the charity of your choice on your behalf.

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