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Secure Data Removel

Secure Data Removel

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"Best way to sell laptop fast. "

Great service thank you.
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Below is a list of commonly asked questions about recycling and reuse of gadgets like mobile phones, PDAs, Digital Cameras, Satellite Navigation and MP3/4 Players to name a few. If you can’t find your question in the list, then please email us at faq@dineromob.com

1.     How much is my device worth?
Dineromob will offer you the best possible price for your product, please check on the day to find out what your product is worth. Each quotation is valid for up to 21 days due to the fast changing techonology industry.

2.     My device isn’t on the list. What can I do with it?
Ans:   No need to worry, we provide a custom quote for every gadget within 24 hours of getting the enquiry

3.     My device is on the list, but there is no price next to it. What can I do?
Ans:  We will respond within 24 hours with a quote

4.     How do I know if my device is in working order?
We appreciate that all our users are not fully aware of product specifications and functionality therefore we go by a 3 point checklist. The gadgets switches on, it has full functionality as far as you are aware, there is no screen breakage or/and water damaged. Each gadget is thoroughly tested by a qualified technician at our end.

5.     How do I find out the manufacturer and model details?
Ans:    In most cases, you should see the name and model details under the battery or on the inner side of the back cover.  If you can’t find the right details, please email us at help@dineromob.com

6.     Do I need to send any accessories too?
Ans:  We believe in complete recycling and this includes the gadget accessories. Some accessories are vital for the gadget use and without which we will not be able to pay as much money. These include battery, charger, manual, cases, memory cards, cradle, and docks or stands.  Some accessories with gadgets also get you some extra cash.

7.     What if I have personal data on my device?
Ans:  Please remove all your personal data before you send it to us. All products we receive will go through our secue data removal process.

8.     Do I need to pay to post my device to you?
Ans: Yes, this will be reinbursed to you where we offer to pay for your shipping. 

9.     What is the best way to send my device?
Ans:  Depending on the product you can either use our courier company to arrange a pickup time to suite you or you can send it through Royal Mail.
Please ask for a Certificate of Postage or tracking number from the shipping company. Always provide us with shipping details so we can keep track of your order. ALWAYS INCLUDE YOUR ORDER REFERENCE IN THE PACKAGE OTHERWISE WE CANNOT IDENTIFY WHOSE PRODUCT IT IS AND THIS WILL DELAY THE PROCESS.

10. I’m using my own envelope and want to print a freepost address label. But I can’t click back to the order confirmation page to print it. What can I do?
Ans:   Don’t worry for every submission we send you a confirmation email with a freepost envelope

11. Will you let me know when you have received my device?
We email to let you know that we’ve received your gadget and also confirm when your payment or offer will be made.

12. What happens if I change my mind?
Ans:  Once you send the gadget, we cannot return it. Be sure to make all data transfer and take necessary backup.
13. How do I get paid?
We pay you both by cheque or bank transfer. We aim to pay you within 3 working days but if there is any delay you will be informed. You choose the payment option during submission of your order. 
14. How many devices can I send in? Is there a limit?

Ans:  There is no limit to the number of items. You can send us as many gadgets for recycling as you want

15. What do you do with stolen items?
Ans:  If you send us something that’s stolen or the subject of an investigation, we’ll hand it over to the police. We won’t pay you for it.

16. What happens to my device once I have sent it?
For gadgets, which are in good working order, it will be refurbished and sold on for reuse or repair. Gadgets, which cannot be repaired, are sent for recycling or end of life recyclers to extract any reusable components or metals before it is smelted for energy recovery
17. How does recycling my device help the environment?

Manmade materials used in gadgets end up in landfills sites and they take ages to biodegrade and lead to pollution of water tables, soil and surrounding plants and wildlife. By recycling we are able to reuse the product or the components in turn reducing what ends up in landfills.

Dineromob as a company makes sure that each gadget is 100% recycled and doesn’t end up in a landfill.

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